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Avocado is the ideal fruit for those who want to have a healthy and balanced diet. The beneficial properties of avocados are in fact many. Rich in water, it contains numerous vitamins. Creamy and tasty, children like it too. You can consume it alone or as part of more elaborate dishes such as desserts and savory preparations.
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POL. 04
CEDRATA ANCIENT SICILY RECIPE CL. 27.5 SCREW CAP (MINIMUM SALE 6 BT.) The Cedrata Ancient Sicilian Polara Recipe is a tasty and thirst-quenching drink. Particularly suitable for sultry days, this historic drink, with its unmistakable flavor and the pleasant fragrance of Sicilian citrus fruits, gives a pleasant sensation of freshness. Obtained from the maceration of cedar peels, according to the traditional recipe, it brings with it the ancient flavor of tradition, the elegant glass bottle emphasizes its pleasant retro taste. Especially suitable for the horeca channel, for bars, but also for restaurants, pizzerias and all those places that want to give a touch of class. This vintage drink makes combinations special, excellent with granita, a summer classic but can also be used as a base for non-alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, such as Apertass (cedar and Aperol), Katiuscia (cedar and Malibu) and Kappa Cocktail (cedar with Rum and tropical juice).


F.F. 03
CICORIETTA (SALE BY WEIGHT) Chicory stimulates appetite and helps digestion. It has a purifying and detoxifying effect, contributing to the proper functioning of the intestine, liver and kidneys. Contains many vitamins and as many mineral salts
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ITALIAN CATEGORY I FENNELS (SALE BY WEIGHT) Crunchy and pleasantly scented, fennel is perhaps one of the most common vegetables on the tables of the Mediterranean area. The best climate for its cultivation is temperate, but more tending to hot than cold. In Italy it is grown more or less everywhere, especially in the Center and South, where it is widely used at the end of a meal, to promote digestion.
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F.F. 47
PINK GRAPEFRUIT BIOLOGICAL(SALE BY WEIGHT) Pink grapefruit is one of the most popular grapefruit varieties as it has the sweetest taste. In fact, it is a hybrid derived from the fusion of a normal grapefruit and an orange in which there is a greater amount of fructose at the expense of vitamin C. On the other hand, however, this variety is richer in vitamin A, minerals and antioxidants. Grapefruit is excellent for preparing a nice juice alone or together with other citrus fruits, to eat whole or to use in the creation of sweet and sour recipes in the kitchen, such as grapefruit risotto.
equates to €3.12 per 1 kg(s)