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BIO DEHUMIDIFIED POLLEN GR. 120 Pollen is a collection of microscopic corpuscles contained in the anthers of flowers. They represent the male fertilizing element of the plant. After being harvested by bees, it appears as a multitude of grains ranging in color from red to purple, to brown, to yellow of various shades. These "balls" are formed by bees by mixing microscopic pollen grains with salivary secretions and suitable quantities of nectar and honey. Invigorating and stimulating, it gives a sense of well-being and euphoria; rebalancing of organic functions (especially nervous, endocrine and intestinal); general detoxifier. METHOD AND DOSAGE OF USE Pure and chewed for a long time, or diluted in water or warm herbal tea and sweetened with honey, preferably on an empty stomach. Adults one tablespoon a day (20-25 grams) for 1-3 months, once / twice a year. Children a spoon a day. (10-15 grams) for 1-3 months, once / twice a year. SPORTS FOOD Ideal for athletes, because it provides all the nutrients (carbohydrates, fibers, mineral salts, amino acids ...) in a thoughtful way and naturally rebalances the hydro-salt principle. thanks to the anti-fatigue effect that magnesium has on muscles, the use of pollen increases resistance to physical exercise, improving performance.
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