TOASTED HAZELNUTS GR.200 (TONDA GENTILE TRILOBATA) The Tonda Gentile is loved all over the world, so much so that it is considered the world “queen” of hazelnuts thanks to its qualitative characteristics. Besides being very good it is also good for health thanks to its organoleptic properties, regular consumption of hazelnuts would have positive effects on health.First of all, hazelnut contains a significant number of essential amino acids and vitamin E (which is a powerful antioxidant) and is rich in lipids: the lipid fraction is made up of more than 40% of monounsaturated fatty acids (such as oleic acid) and is characterized by the highest monounsaturated / polyunsaturated ratio compared to other nuts. It would seem that a diet with a substantial consumption of oleic acid allows to maintain a low level of the famous "bad" cholesterol, on the contrary raising the level of the "good" one, which constitutes a defense against the onset of vascular problems. a specific territory, as the name “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe” suggests. A strip of land in the south of Piedmont, which includes the wonderful hills of the Langhe which, since 2014, are part of the Unesco Heritage. This area has a perfect climate for its "bush" cultivation: the hazelnut tree fears too hot and too cold; therefore, it prefers a mild and well-ventilated climate thanks to the sea breezes coming from Liguria, and without excessive seasonal changes, and loves cool soils.The harvest, now mechanized, begins towards the second half of August and continues until the first half of September.
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